1. The Peace room… Now with running water (again)! These are our beautiful new pedestal sinks. Thanks Ramon!

  2. The team has been taking all the old scuffed up furniture, sanding it down and repainting it with matt black furniture paint. Even my mom jumped into the fray!


  3. Super excited to announce our collaboration with Irrational Labs to explore in-situ, data driven research about social behavior and incentives. Please get in touch if you have any ideas or questions! 

  4. A little sneak preview of how the rooms are shaping up!

  5. The ground floor is really coming together! It’s great to see the space with even a few pieces of furniture in it and feel the inklings of a homey living room vibe :). People from the neighborhood have been popping in to say hello and everyone has been incredibly supportive, which makes this whole adventure that much more fun for all of us. Thank you!

  6. ZOMG check out how beautiful the ground floor floors turned out!! Thank again David and Wood Thumb!

  7. We’re finally getting some color on the walls over here. It’s a relief to see things starting to come together after so much was torn apart! :). I think the Rose Garden Room (on the right) is one of the most beautiful in the building. Stay tuned!

  8. Floor progresssss!! The wonderful guys from Wood Thumb are doing our floors and they are the bomb. It’s so nice to see at least one space coming together while the rest is still, well, in a mild state of disarray :). 

  9. Molly directing :). 

  10. Well, that happened! Guy showed up with about 400 floor boards and didn’t realize there was no plan for receiving them! So we hustled and the crew brought them all in by hand (or arm and shoulder, specifically!).

    These are boards for the cafe floors. Next week the floors will be installed and then stained. Exciting!